The Graphic Design Committee has worked to develop the brand and visual identity of this year’s Art2Wear theme, Advance. They have created outstanding social media graphics, print promotions, and virtual media.



The Motion Design Committee has worked to create all of our animated content on Instagram and to be shown in the Virtual Premiere.



This year, Art2Wear introduced a new student committee titled the Creative Committee. This team is responsible for brainstorming ideas, helping designers, and working wherever extra hands are needed.



The Photography Committee is responsible for taking committee headshots, designer headshots, garment shoots, and behind the scenes photos. We would like to also thank Sadie Stonehart for contributions to the Photography Committee.



Derek Ham / Department Head of Art + Design

Adrienne McKenzie / Art2Wear 2021 Faculty Advisor and Lecturer of Art + Design

Katherine Klinger / University Program Associate

Candice Murray / Associate Director of Development

Lauren Hipp / Assistant Director of Development

Kathleen Rieder / Associate Professor of Art + Design

Mark Hoversten / Dean, NC State College of Design


Student Director Note

Welcome everyone to the 20th Anniversary of Art2Wear! Thank you all who have supported A2W throughout this process and encouraged the students to create an event as remarkable as this. My team and I are excited to introduce A2W in an entirely new way – this year’s Virtual Premiere is unlike anything we have done before. 
About a year and a half ago, we were all forced to drastically change our day to day lives. This year’s theme is representative of that change and embodies our growth out of 2020 and into 2021. Since 2001, Art2Wear has empowered students to be innovative and creative. We have embraced that innovative and creative thinking to bring you something that is extraordinary. I am so grateful for my fellow student volunteers and their passion for A2W. I would like to thank Derek Ham, Department Head of Art + Design, Katherine Klinger, University Program Associate, and Adrienne McKenzie, Arts Production Specialist at University Theatre, personally for supporting me and the students during this process. 
I’d like to thank Red-i, our student production and editing team, Addy Holmes, Maddy Giles, and Anna Carlson, who were introduced to Art2Wear at the beginning of 2021 and worked with me to create a beautiful show. I hope that you all enjoy what we have in store for Art2Wear 2021; I am beyond excited to bring A2W into a new light. 
– Tess Colavecchio
        Class of 2021
        Design Studies and Minor in Business Administration