Graphic Design Graduate Courses + Curriculum

The MGD (II) degree requires successful completion of 48 total credits, however students typically take advantage of additional coursework during their time at NC State.

The core curriculum consists of a 9-credit studio and a 3-credit seminar — either Design Methods, Design Frameworks, or Final Project Research — in each of the first three semesters of study. Students are encouraged to augment their study during this time with 400 or 500 level design coursework that enhances skills and/or investigates topics of interest. For instance, the program offers seminars on Graphic Design Pedagogy, Design Discourse and Typography, and Special Topics in Social Innovation. Students are required to enroll in a 3-credit 400 or 500 level elective within another college at NC State or at nearby Duke University or UNC/Chapel Hill under NC State tuition. The fourth semester is devoted to the final project for 6 credits, under the supervision of three Graphic Design faculty members comprising each student’s graduate committee.

Curriculum Displays

Note: The titles of the GD courses listed here differ in titles (and descriptions) that are listed in the NC State course catalogue because the department is in the process of revising the courses.

MGD II – 4 semesters

Course Title Course Number   FA 1   SP 1   FA 2   SP 2
Graduate Design Studio I / II  GD501 / GD502        9       9
Research Methods for Design Seminar GD572        3
Graduate Design Studio III: Technology Futures GD503        9
New Information Environments GD573       3
Frameworks for Design Research Seminar GD571       3
Final Project Research Seminar GD581  3
Electives See Below       3**        3*
Final Project Graduate Design Studio IV GD588     6
Credit Hours   12–15     15     15     6

MGD III – 2 semesters

Course Title Course Number   FA   SP
Foundations of Graphic Design GD500     6
Tech Tinkering Seminar GD592_001      3
Graphic Design Theory GD303      3   
Advanced Graphic Design Studio GD400_001     6
Design Discourse and Typography GD592_002     3
Graphic Design Elective** See Below     3
Credit Hours   15   12

*Examples of electives outside the College that students have taken:

  •   PSY 420: Cognitive Processes
  •   PSY 400: Perception
  •   COM 436: Environmental Communication
  •   COM 444: Film Production
  •   ENG 517: Advanced Technical Writing & Education

 **Graphic Design Electives 

  •    GD203: Graphic Design History
  •    GD317: Typography II
  •    GD417: Typography III
  •    GD592: Design Pedagogy
  •    GD510: Special Topics in Social Innovation
  •    GD517: Special Topics in Typography