sneakers from industrial design class

Industrial Design Graduate Learning Outcomes

In order to combine critical elements associated with advanced, highly skilled, analytically-based studio work in design, Industrial Design graduate students will engage in, lead, critique, and document individual inter/intra-disciplinary team investigations and project solutions. Through these endeavors:

  • Students are expected to utilize research methods from professional design practice and other related fields in their design process; to make judgments about the appropriateness of specific research methods and strategies for the specific nature of a design task; and to refine or develop research design methods as necessary.
  • Students are expected to utilize research and design methods and tools that are appropriate to supporting collaborative work, engaging human-subject research, and addressing complex problems.
  • While addressing the potential for economic, social, cultural, and technological impacts of their designs, students are expected to conceive and produce studio work that includes speculative and propositional as well as concrete, functional solutions which are three-dimensionally prototyped.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate verbal, oral and visual communication skills throughout their design development process including interpersonal, formal and informal presentations and critiques.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate an advanced professional competence in a specific design specialization or depth of knowledge through a significant body of design work associated with studios and their Final Project.
  • Students are expected to use analytical tools, design processes, technologies, and information gathered from primary and secondary sources to develop concepts, reveal patterns of information, create rationales for specific design solutions or within projects, and to engage in both solution development and evaluation.

Evidence for each outcome will be collected from the MID students’ studio project reviews and Final Project proposals, reports and presentations.