Percy Hooper Teaching ID Class

Industrial Design Graduate Studio Experience

At the Master’s level, the industrial design studio experience centers both on design methodology and intellectual inquiry. The studio courses require that students synthesize knowledge gained both through instruction and investigation, and apply that knowledge in the development of ideas and the task of problem-solving. The Master’s level student is expected to demonstrate a mastery of subject matter in their field, both in practical application and scholarly investigation.

The industrial design graduate students also have the opportunities to participate in industry collaborative studio projects sponsored by corporate sponsors such as Bosch Siemens Home Appliance, Eastman Chemical, JLG, and Bioventus. Sponsored projects provide students with the experience of designing in a real-world setting and interacting with professional designers, engineers, and business executives.

Students are expected to maintain regular attendance in the graduate studio. Your presence in the space affords you the opportunity to interact with your peers and to immerse yourself in the graduate program. You are expected to maintain a professional workspace which is populated with current, process work yet clean. Faculty may schedule periodic visits, critiques, or presentations during these times. Students holding teaching assistantships must work around this schedule in the execution of their duties and notify faculty of assignments that take them out of the studio space during regular hours.