Landscape Architecture work

Landscape Architecture Research + Engagement

Natural Learning Initiative

Increasing numbers of children are growing up with insufficient contact with the natural world. To counteract this trend, the Natural Learning Initiative offers evidence-based design assistance, professional development, and information resources to advance experience of the natural environment in the daily lives of all children.

Coastal Dynamics Design Lab

The mission of the Coastal Dynamics Design Lab (CDDL) is to organize and lead trans-disciplinary research and design teams to address critical ecological and community development challenges in vulnerable coastal regions, with a concentrated focus on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard.

Experience Design Lab

The Experience Design Lab, a cross-disciplinary community, explores virtual and augmented experiences as a cultural practice. The Lab takes a human-centered approach, empowering artists, designers, humanists, scientists, and engineers to delve into the evolution of our society through direct engagement with technology.

Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Cluster

More information coming soon.

Center for Geospatial Analytics

At the Center for Geospatial Analytics, we develop and apply cutting-edge, data-driven modeling and visualization tools to solve grand challenges. We work alongside top researchers, policy experts and leaders in the industry to apply geospatial analytics to a host of problems — from preparing for floods to controlling the spread of invasive species.