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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Students + Alumni

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Questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to the following current MLA students:

Britt Davis,   MLA Candidate, 2022
 Monika Smriti, MLA Candidate, 2021
Rebecca Asser, MLA Candidate, 2022 Susie Wold,  MLA Candidate   2022

Demographics for 2019-2020

62 MLA Students
26% International Students / 74% Domestic Students
71% Female / 29% Male
58% from Outside of NC / 42% from NC
58% Non-Design Background / 42% Design Background
32 Undergraduate LA Minors

Student Organizations

Student American Association of Landscape Architecture (SASLA):
Nestled within the American Association for Landscape Architecture, NC State’s Student ASLA Chapter produces and supports events and conducts meetings of the entire student body covering topics related to events, professional development, program/curriculum and relations with other professional disciplines within the college: