PhD Travel Scholarship


A limited amount of funds is available in support of student participation in conferences and scholarly meetings during their doctoral study. Funded participation will prioritize paper presentations (peer-reviewed) and discussion panels over poster presentations.

  • Travel Scholarship Amount
    • Domestic Travel: Up to $500 per travel
    • International Travel: Up to $1,000 per travel
    • Max $1,500 per academic year per person
  • International Travel Grant ($500)
  • Travel Fund Request: Submit your travel fund request via email to Prof. Soolyeon Cho, scho3@ncsu.edu, at least one month before the event, including the information below:
    • Conference information (name, date, venue, and conference website)
    • Peer-review results (paper acceptance letter, notification email, and/or letter with review comments)
    • Published conference material (copy of submitted material)
    • Travel and expense budget itemized (registration fee, transportation, and lodging; no food)
    • Support letter (or email) from the student’s advisor
  • Travel Scholarship Application Review Criteria:
    • Please see the review criteria here
  • Travel Report: Submit your travel report here within one month after travel. The report should include:
    • Travel summary
    • Paper presentation summary
    • New things/trends (in your area of expertise) observed or obtained from the conference/travel
    • Pictures (if available)