Art2Wear Turns Sweet Sixteen

The annual tradition that captivates audiences at NC State and in Raleigh returned on April 28, 2017 for a celebration of the “Art of Deja Vu.” Art2Wear, a runway¬†show that is designed by students from inception to execution, merges fashion with art to push the boundaries of creativity. In its sixteenth year, the show featured work from the First Year students’ Wearable Paper Project, the collections of ten Art2Wear fashion designers, as well as handmade products sold by students.

The fashion collections — all of which were crafted with the “Art of Deja Vu” in mind — included:

  • “Madeline” by Elizabeth Lawrence
  • “Familiar” by Tristan Griffiths + Hannah Stabler
  • “Enigmatic Daydream” by Alyssa Padmos
  • “Imposteria” by Laura Wyker
  • “Flora Street” by Grace Hallman
  • “Haunt” by Carly Owens
  • “Quasi” by Grace Bilbao
  • “Retrospect” by Cristina Wright
  • “Delusions of Identity” by Jeanna Young
  • “Nyctalops” by Quinan Dalton

Take a look at some of the photos from this year’s spectacular show!

Art2Wear 2017

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