New Ph.D. Students Present Their Research Areas

Four Ph.D. students in the College of Design Ph.D. program successfully presented their research interest areas on May 7 to over 50 members of faculty, staff, and students in the College of Design. The presentation of research interest areas is an introductory presentation for first-year students and introduces these individuals to the Ph.D. community. The students will do a second presentation in October 2020, incorporating updates from the Ph.D. faculty received at this first meeting.

The presenting students included:

  • Dong-Jae Yi
    Advisors: Kofi Boone Art Rice
    Title: Environment Design Activism: Empowering communities through the design experience
  • Rosa McDonald
    Advisor: Wayne Place
    Title: Expanding Architectural Materials: Integrating vegetation into Architecture
  • Yanhua Lu
    Advisor: Celen Pasalar
    Title: Urban Design with Technology: How AR Wayfinding Applications Influence People’s Perception of Sense of Place in the Urban Settings
  • Raaga Bhandari
    Advisor: Robin Abrams
    Title: Building Social Cohesion through Urban Design: The Efficacy of Affordances to Enable Inter-Cultural Encounters Within Public Spaces

The students presented for 10 minutes and then the faculty asked questions and shared their opinions/comments for 10-15 minutes based on the review criteria as follows:

  1. Is the project worth doing?
  2. Is the proposed scope of the project reasonable for a dissertation study?
  3. Is the student’s work informed by significant reading?
  4. Does the student have the background to undertake this study?
  5. Can the student suggest methodological approaches/perspectives that are appropriate to the investigation?
  6. Is the student organized and articulate in the presentation and writing?

Congratulations to these students for a successful presentation! PHD Student Presentations PHD Student Presentations

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