Digital Critique Spaces

The College of Design has Digital Critique Spaces with large 4K monitors in each space—

  • Allred Gallery (Kamphoefner G10)
  • Kamphoefner 130
  • Brooks 101
  • Brooks 119C
  • Brooks 125
  • Brooks Hall Belk Rotunda (Room 322).

The Digital Critique Spaces must be reserved by contacting Pamela Christie-Tabron in the Student and Academic Services office. 

We recommend testing presentations in the room before the final presentation time. Presenters may also schedule time in any of the rooms to practice their presentations. Please schedule practice times with Pamela Christie-Tabron.  

System Basics

The screen resolution for 4K monitors is 3840×2160 pixels. Two monitors side by side would have a resolution of 7680×2160. The monitors can be used to show two different images on each screen, the same image on both screens, or one double-wide image, with a small gap in the center, across both screens. Control panels in each room set the different options.

Presenters can use the built-in computer (Windows only) in each room or use their own laptop (Mac or Windows). Additional software must be installed on laptops to take full advantage of the systems. Contact College of Design IT staff if you need help with this.

Monitors are equipped with HDMI cables and a variety of adapters. To begin use, turn the system on using the control panel in the room. Select the built-in computer or and connect your computer via the HDMI cable and appropriate adapter, if needed. Adjust your computer’s resolution to set the monitor to the optimal resolution for your presentation. Plan to test your presentation well ahead of the time before your event begins.


InDesign Templates
InDesign 4K-Two Monitors-7680×2160.indt

Indesign 4K Single Monitor-3840×2160.indt

InDesign HD-Two Monitors-3840×1080.indt

InDesign HD-Single Monitor-1920×1080.indt

Powerpoint Templates
Powerpoint 4K-Two Monitors-7680×2160.potx

Powerpoint-4K Single Monitor-3840×2160.potx

Powerpoint HD-Two Monitors-3840×1080.potx

Powerpoint HD-Single Monitor-1920×1080.potx

Video Conferencing Systems

AVer VC520 video conferencing systems have been installed in the Digital Critique Spaces. These systems include a remote-controlled HD video camera and a noise-cancelling speakerphone. The systems work with any video conferencing software, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc. Users only need to select the correct video and audio sources in the conferencing software they are using. More information and instructions on using these systems is available here.

PLEASE turn off the room lights and LOCK ALL DOORS when you leave.

If you have trouble, please contact the College of Design IT staff in Brooks 202-204 for help. If you have a laptop you need help with, bring it with you. You can also send an email to or use this form to contact the College Information Technology staff with specific information about your problem.