Why Submit?

The Student Publication is the oldest student-run publication in the country, and your university is responsible for it. By making a submission, you are participating in a piece of NC State history, and are placing your own name and writing alongside that of wonderful contributors, past and present, including Le Corbusier, Buckminster Fuller, Mies Van Der Rohe and Bruce Sterling. Outstanding student submissions will be selected for appearance in the printed copies of Volume 38 that will become available later in the year. Other submissions will appear on our website, where they will be available for anyone to read.

The Theme

In Volume 38 of The Student Publication, we intend to create an open dialogue between professionals, students, and academics on the impact of FLUX as it relates to design, art, culture, and our interaction with objects.

Some questions we will consider are:

  • How is materiality reconceived when the final product might not exist in a tangible form at all?
  • As designers involve more communities and cultures in the research process, how does their role as insiders or outsiders skew the design perspective?
  • How are new methods of design research affecting traditional roles of the designer as insider or outsider?  
  • How have the expectations of design changed to fuel or limit curiosity in the design process?
  • How do new perspectives of physical, social and ecological environments affect the basic assumptions driving how, why and to what degree design “intervenes”?

View the full Volume 38 Abstract.