Design LIFE, the Publication of the College of Design at North Carolina State, is running an article on Volume 36 of the Student Publication. The article itself explains and outlines the process that the students went through in developing the theme, as well as the amazing Exhibition Party that they held at Studio 704 in Boylan Heights (home of City Fabric.)

The Student Publication:

Form + Fiction: The role of design and designers in shaping, framing and reflecting reality.

Volume 36 of The Student Publication just released the 2012/2013 prospectus, complete with an exhibition launch party. Contributors to Volume 36 include a wide and diverse variety of perspectives on the theme of Form + Fiction. From practicing architects, to current College of Design students, the editors—Anna Bailer and Michael Southard—wanted to create a volume that focused not on a single vision of the future and the role design plays in its development, but on the myriad dialogues and discussions that must emerge from such a vivid topic.  To that end, current contributors include Elysia Borowy-Reeder, Executive Director of CAM Raleigh; John Boyer, CEO of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte; Katherine Diuguid, Asst. Professor of Art+Design and Co-Faculty Director of Art2Wear; Ted Givens, Design Partner at 10 Design in Hong Kong; Stephen Killian, Junior in Architecture and Director of the Halloween Bash; Roger Manley, Director of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design and Curator of Art without Artists; Silas Munro, Faculty Chair, MFA in Graphic Design at VCFA (credit kimberley); Nicolas Rader, Architect at Snohetta and one of the Designers of the Hunt Library; Marc Russo, Asst. Professor of Art+Design in Animation & New Media; Bruce Sterling, Science fiction writer; Danny Stillion, Design Director & Associate Partner at IDE; August Turak, Zen Entrepreneur, Consultant, Executive.


Launch Exhibition

To emphasize this, students participating in the development of Volume 36 didn’t restrict the generation of dialogue to the contributors. They have created a suite of cards to be distributed locally and nationally, with provocations such as, “Design is__________________________” or “When I was young I played with _______________________________ and pretended to be ______________________.” As a collaboration between the editors and the marketing team led by Jennifer Peeler, these provocations were meant to connect the current dialogue of reality and possibility with those that have emerged throughout history.


Postcards were distributed and displayed at the Launch Exhibition

The development of the topic of Volume 36 was also unique, in that it was not just a single, editorial vision. Rather, students in the course—Grace Pledger, Graphic Design; Melany Bates, Design Studies; Jennifer Peeler, Architecture and Anna Bailer, Art + Design, worked alongside Michael Southard, Architecture, to unpack a topic that was relevant, provocative and cross-disciplinary. It was of critical importance to the group that the topic have energy, be inspirational and ripe for exploration from many different perspectives. The students are hoping to develop the online contributions—using the postcards as initial provocations—and looking for willing participants from alumni, practitioners and peers at local, national and international institutions. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at or submit online at


Pre-order cards!

 About the Publication

The Student Publication began as a tribute to Matthew Nowicki after his untimely death in 1950 at the age of 40. His influence and inspiration as head of the Department of Architecture inspired the students to create The Student Publication in his honor, and so the first issue focused on Nowicki’s contributions to the College, the University and the field. Through the process, students realized the potential and importance of such a publication and collection of voices, that they continued the effort, focusing on timely and important issues in the field and inviting some of the most important and influential designers of the day to contribute letters, projects and articles. Such luminaries included Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Buckminster Fuller and Richard Saul Wurman.

In 2012, The Student Publication was incorporated into a course on design writing, editing, curating and publishing. The 2012 team worked diligently to establish a new model for the publication that includes a robust archiving plan, distribution in both print and online forms, and a strong promotional campaign that connects The Publication to emerging topics in design education, practice and thinking. The students this semester have continued to build and extend that initial work through the topic of Form + Fiction.


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