Below are roles and generally responsibilities for the various teams that are necessary to develop volume 38 of The Publication. These teams are established at the beginning of each Volume Development.

Editors and Editorial

This committee will be responsible for leading the development of criteria for submissions, defining and leading the call for submissions, leading the review process and delegating responsibilities for editing and responding to submissions.

Editors: Rachel Smith and Ashley Pelfrey

Documentation, Archiving and Design

This team will be responsible for leading the initiative to develop the theme and concepts for the marketing tool, and any modifications to the online environment.

Team Members: Samantha, Lauren, Savannah, Mikhail

Marketing and Public Relations

The marketing and documentation team will be responsible for disseminating all call, follow ups and general promotion of The Publication. In addition, this committee will be responsible for documenting aspects of the creative and editorial process to create The Student Publication. Working closely with both the editorial and documentation teams, the Marketing team will also lead any end of semester celebration that the larger teams wants to have.

Team Members: Nick, Swati, Doug, Sidney C, Amanda

Project Manager

As project manager, this person(s) will work closely with Tania to maintain the schedule and budget of the project. In addition, the project manager will make sure that all teams are communicating with each other when necessary. They will be the “hub” of the project.

Team: Julia and Katie