This summer I lost my way. I lost myself. I lost what I stand for. I was enclosed by the darkness and couldn’t seem to find my way out. Coming home healed me. Understanding who I am healed me. Finding peace healed me. Slowly I found my way back to the light, back to my faith, back to myself.

this is my journey.

I believe that what I give to the world is what it will have to keep of me.
And I don’t have much, but I have my work.
As an artist and a designer, I struggle to find my place, I struggle to matter.
But I know that I’ve been given a gift, and I want to share it with others.
Through my art I want to impact lives.
I want to inspire someone, pierce their heart, or plant an idea in their head.
Essentially, I want to improve, or shape, a person’s reality. Their life.
And I want to do this through metaphor, through form, through texture.
Art speaks, and I want the listeners to hear.
To hear a story of someone who doesn’t have a voice.
To see what is happening around the world, and be encouraged to help.
To feel hope, to believe that tomorrow will be a better day.
For my work, my life, to matter, I just need to touch one life.
I just need to make one person’s world a better place.
And I think patterns, installations, spaces, paintings, all of these things can do that.
Looking at the creations of others is what drove me to where I am today.
And if I can do that for someone else, to impact their path in a positive way,
then my goal of an artist and a designer has been fulfilled.
And I have given to the world something to keep of me.

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