Volume 36 of The Student Publication offers a wide perspective on the nature of reality and how designers affect, create and modify it. From science fiction writers to speculative designers, the contributors to this volume are diverse, passionate and provocative.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact our editors at design_studentpublication@ncsu.edu. You can also contact them directly: Anna Bailer at aebailer@ncsu.edu or  Michael Southard at masoutha@ncsu.edu.


Volume 36 Contributors include:


Katherine Diuguid

Asst. Professor of Art+Design in Fibers & Surface Design

Ted Givens

Design Partner at 10 Design in Hong Kong

Stephen Killian

Junior in Architecture in the College of Design

Roger Manley

Director of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design

Silas Munro

Faculty Chair, MFA in Graphic Design at VCFA

Nicolas Rader

Architect at Snohetta

Marc Russo

Asst. Professor of Art+Design in Animation & New Media

Bruce Sterling

Science fiction writer

Danny Stillion

Design Director & Associate Partner at IDE

August Turak

Zen Entrepreneur, Consultant, Executive

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