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Volume 31: Relevance, The Student Publication of the College of Design presents the work of a group of designers who, on the surface, fall into a number of disparate categories, negotiating issues spanning technology and manufacturing processes, economic class and culture, and environmental design considerations. Yet, all of the contributions to this volume are attempts to determine relevance by establishing new voices and identifying new audiences able to benefit from the exceptional potentialities of design. Relevance has never been more difficult to achieve than it is today in our increasingly fragmented and complex society; however, we must continue to pursue the question of relevance for the sake of those whose lives our work impacts directly. Relevance is a topic impossible to define but one which will not stand to be overlooked.

Contributors: Adam Brakenbury, Jason Miller, Thomas Ryan, Jeremy Ficca, Franklin Bost, Billie Tsien, Adam Brakenbury, Thomas Ryan, Brigitte Shim, Gail Peter Borden, Eric Naslund, Frank Harmon, Paul Tesar, Jason Toth.