Form and Fiction: The role of design and designers in shaping, framing and reflecting reality

“The idea of probable, preferable, plausible and possible futures – the space between reality and the impossible – allows designers to challenge design orthodoxy and prevailing technological visions so that fresh perspectives can begin to emerge.” —Dunne & Raby

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In Volume 36 of The Student Publication, we look to engage a discussion on the role of design and designers in shaping, framing, and reflecting reality. While the notion of the designer as a constructor or visionary of a future reality is not a new one, the increasing complexity and connectivity of our world begs for renewed vigor in its evaluation. As more people and entities are engaged with design, the traditional role of the designer as a creator of a single reality is shifting (credit kimberley). Yet one area that distinguishes the designer is our capacity and propensity to envision new futures through fiction. The dialogue between these two ideas is at the core of Form + Fiction.

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Contributors to Volume 36: Form + Fiction


Bruce Sterling, Roger Manley and Katherine Diuguid are just a few of the amazing contributors to Volume 36.

We have an amazing lineup of contributors, including Bruce Sterling, Danny Stillion, Roger Manley, Marc Russo, Nicolas Rader, Ted Givens, and Katherine Diuguid. Read more.

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