Analysis Of Precedent

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Analysis Of Precedent is a collection of diagrams which systematically analyze the works of eight architects. For each architect four representative buildings have been documented . The architects were purposefully selected from various periods of time to represent seemingly different approaches to architecture. Diagrams have been utilized to capture the essence of particular issues for each building. The issues stud ied are divided into three categories: elements, relationships, and ordering ideas. Physical attributes which can be compared independent of building type or function have been addressed in the diagrams. The analysis is not all inclusive in that it is limited to characteristics which can be diagrammed; thus, material palette is one obvious omission. Our analysis and interpretation has been of built form and therefore may not necessarily coincide with the architects intentions or the interpretation of others. In order to make the diagrams memorable, they ha ve been intentionally simplified . Likewise the accompanying text has been abbreviated to reinfo rce the information contained in the diagrams.

Contributors: Roger H. Clark, Michael Pause, George Hartman