Phase 01: Theme development

During this phase, students will each develop an abstract for the theme of Volume 38 of The Student Publication. Additionally, students will develop a personal essay to facilitate thinking and conversation about relevant and current topics in design.

August 23 – September 13 (4 weeks)

At the end of this phase we will have:

  • Abstract
  • List of potential contributors
  • Calls out for participation

Week 01: August 23 | Theme brainstorming

In Class:

  • Lecture on History of the Student Publication
  • Class Structure and Expectations
  • Overview of Publication “teams / roles”: Editorial, Marketing, Design, Project Manager(s)
  • Student Presentations on Individual Topics. 5-10 minute presentation followed by questions and discussion
  • Writing an Abstract

For Tuesday, August 23, Read and Prepare:

  • Read: Norman, Don. “Writing as Design. Design as Writing” in Design for People
  • Write a 250 word abstract on the subject that most resonated with you as a theme for Volume 38 of The Student Publication. In addition to the explanation of the theme, this abstract should include a title, and a short quote that is relevant to the theme (include the attribution for the quote!) Include a short list of 2 or 3 potential contributors for this theme. If they are not household names, include their title and a bit about who they are.

Week 02: August 30 | Theme Semi-finalization

In Class

  • Discuss Don Norman Reading
  • Share Abstracts. Discussion of themes and pairing down to 2 or 3 finalists. Guiding Questions for theme decision:
    • What do we want to achieve?
    • How do we want people to respond?
  • Review Google Drive
  • Advisory Committee Decision and invitations
  • Team Contracts

For Tuesday, September 06, Read and Prepare:

  • Working as 4 groups, write 4 extended abstracts on the theme you signed up for: Analog, Outsider, Curiosity or Fluidity.
  • Do the theme-related reading Tania assigned to your group. (TBD by Tania by end of the day August 31).
  • As a group, find a minimum of 5 potential contributors and write a short bio for them that includes who they are, any relevant accomplishments to our theme (professional work, writings, etc.)

Week 03: September 06 | Theme and Contributor Finalization

In Class:

  • Finalize theme discussion
  • Semi-finalize list of contributors
  • Discuss Team Contracts

For Tuesday, September 13, Read and Prepare

  • Editorial: Draft Abstract and Request for Participation
  • Marketing and Design: Marketing Strategy for getting the word out about Volume 38
  • Archives and Documentation: Website Updates (New Theme Information)
  • Finalize Team Contracts

Goal for the Week:

  • A draft abstract
  • Identified contributors

Week 04: September 13 | Abstract Development, identifying contributors

Goals for the Week

  • A refined abstract (Editorial)
  • Announcement and News Release  (Marketing)
  • Contact information for contributors (all)
  • Letters send out (abstracts due October 15, final contribution due November 15)
  • Advisory Committee Meeting

Need to get confirmation from contributors by October 01.