Gender and Advertisements

The design research methods studied in our seminar “Graphic Design as a Cognitive Artifact” is an important asset when doing research. Looking at the representations of genders in business to consumer advertising, I was able to apply those methods to get more in-depth insight over the topic but also helped design a proposal for a possible research over the topic.

Within recent debates questioning gender, issues remain within the portraying of some genders and their relation to others. I thought it was interesting to look at how those genders are portrayed and if and how all genders are equally represented.

Gender definition is often defined as the sex at birth; supposedly either male or female. This binary definition starting at birth remains today in all steps and phases of life. These definitions affect choosing your clothes, going to the bathroom, grocery shopping, pursuing sports, and the workplace. This script has been visible in history and has defined genders’ place.

While today, society starts to open its eyes to the diversity of gender, the scripture is still very anchored in the binary context of heteronormativity. How can design as a socio-cultural act help to better integrate gender diversity in our current society?