Meat is in vitro meat is…

While working on my schema assignments for studio, I’ve been discussing in vitro meat a lot with my family. It’s possible that we’ve all become advocates, or at least willing to try. My son wrote the following about in vitro meat:

“In vitro meat is basically meat grown with tissue from other animals without hurting them. In vitro meat could have different flavors added to regular in vitro meat like orange and stuff like that. In vitro meat’s purpose is to be able to eat meat without hurting animals which I personally like. It supposedly does not hurt the animals to get a tissue sample for the in vitro meat. In vitro meat is grown by adding vitamins and other stuff to the tissue which grows into meat in a couple of weeks. Maybe if you walk into a store you find a sign that tells you about the animal that donated the tissue.”

It is interesting to reflect on how learning more about something through research can help separate your visceral reactions from the head logic. Applying schemas through exploration has made the unfamiliar more approachable.