Pointy analogies

“Oh no, there’s a spelling mistake in your presentation!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll just go into the file right now and fix it, it’ll take two seconds and then I’ll be ready for the presentation.”

You write in pencil, make a mistake, erase it and fix it within seconds. You type sentence, make a mistake, delete it and fix it within seconds.

You write in pen, make a mistake, and can either cross it out and correct it on that paper or start over on a new blank piece of paper. You print a poster, make a mistake, and you do not have time to fix it in the file and send it to the printer to reprint… Hopefully you have enough time to fix a mistake made in pen or on a printed poster.

Is it too abstract to make a connection between pencils and computers? Maybe, but the thread of similarity I see is efficiency in production and presentation.

Pencil is digital and pen is print.