Potentials of panoform?

panoform.com (put together by Derek Ham, Payod Panda, and Luis Zapata) lets users convert their drawings to 360 images that can be experienced in VR. To help, the site provides a grid that helps orient the artist in a 360 space.

What I drew didn't really translate to looking down.
What I drew didn’t really translate to looking down.

Personally, it’s not a way I’m used to thinking. Drawing in one perspective is so encoded in my brain that switching to a 360 perspective was a challenge. For my first experiment, I drew a scene without thinking about the grid lines (beyond using one as a horizon). I snapped some shots of it in the 360 viewer to share here too.

My sketch on a panoform grid.
My sketch on a panoform grid.

Overall, I think it’s a fun idea to transition to thinking in a VR space. I’m still trying to figure out how panoform will influence my design work, but in the meantime it’s a fun activity to play around with.