The shield

A computer is the middle man between us and the world. In person, we are vulnerable, conversing with another person, exposing all of our senses to each other. A computer takes our senses and translates them through some channel of information, so that another can receive them. The middle man has increased our self-confidence by taking away our vulnerabilities while communicating with the world. We can be anyone we want to be while using a computer. Imagine the political turmoil in our world today without computers… we would have no idea what is going on, we would have to be glued to our televisions hoping that we landed on the least biased news network to get the most holistic idea of our national political health and status. So let’s return to our world with computers… In politics especially, people get upset easily when private information becomes public. Hackers skip a step, and this is not a crime. They merely reach into the computers and grab the raw data entering from the other side and pull it through, exposing that person or thing to the receiving audiences. Hackers grab the truth through the middle man and throw it in our faces. This is not always pretty. In fact, most of the time, what hackers do and expose can be harsh and unexpected, but it is almost always the truth (to the best of my knowledge).