Zoning out…

It is interesting to think about when we are in a discussion with another person or in sitting in a lecture, are we fully present? Most of the time our physical presence is there (in the room) but what about our mental presence? We tend to zone out to a part of our brain that allows abstract thinking and puts us into a more auto-pilot persona to where we are a part of a physical presence, but also we are a part of an outer presence.

Let’s think about this in a virtual reality situation. You have your VR presence/experience in the headset, then your physical presence in the room, but what about the zoning out? Where does this “daydream-like” thought come into play while in a VR environment? Can we still daydream in VR? What is the benefit if that it is possible? Shoudl there be a bridge between the VR world and the outer thought/day dream world?

So my main question is, what does virtual reality do to the human experience when regarding the human presence?