Sons Of Anarchy

Free software versus open source… The reality is that the boundaries that surround those terms are crumbling and they need to be scrapped and redefined for this era. How we share and teach each other methodologies and software goes far beyond free or open. There are videos explaining processes step-by-step, not only teaching others how to use the software within the boundaries of its permissions, but also teaching others how to hack and manipulate those permissions to work for their specific necessities. Regardless of who has “permission” to access certain technology or software, we are the sons and daughters of a culture that finds at least ten loopholes for every obstacle. In addition, we also. We are our own permitters, and yes, of course I agree that software needs to be protected, but the terms used to regulate tech use 50 years ago are irrelevant today. We need new regulations that could work for the sons and daughters of anarchy.