Final destination : NCSU College of Design materials lab

In a land land not so far away is a magical place called the Materials lab. It’s pretty neat, if you’re into that kind of thing (which I am).

We have access to a Laser cutter, which can cut and engrave into materials like wood, paper, foamcore, plexiglass, and even cloth. Equipment like this I know will come in handy for my Type IV class.

The materials lab itself has a ton of equipment, including but not limited to saws, drill presses, sanders and a jointer. I don’t mean to sound salty BUT last year I paid someone $200 to plane and join a live edge wood table for my dining room. WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE to know I’d have access to such materials not even a year later, right?!

I digress.

Anyways, it’s opportunities like these that make me so grateful for my time at NC State so far. It’s vastly different than my undergraduate experience. I truly hope I can make good use of the Materials Lab in the next year.

Also, shout out to the Lab Staff for the slightly hilarious and incredibly morbid orientation of each piece of equipment. On top of knowing how to use each one, I also know how it can potentially remove one of my limbs. In great detail.