Inside the center of the universe

Over break I got to visit a friend who works at the Google office in San Francisco. I’ve heard so much about Google and what it’s like to work there that I thought I’d share some of my observations:

  1. Google San Francisco is surprisingly hidden (we almost couldn’t find it).
  2. It has amazing views!
    Yes, I’m short, but they’re also very tall.
  3. There’s a secret room! I was wasn’t really sure why we were going into a broom closet, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  4. Pictures are only allowed in specific areas (hence the lack of photos).
  5. There is food everywhere! But it’s all healthy. Even the dessert table in the cafeteria was hard to find.
  6. All the food is free! Even for guests. Some of us might have taken advantage of that…
  7. They provide everything; gym, doctors, food. You really don’t have any reason to leave, except maybe to sleep. Great perks? Or just tricking you into working longer?
  8. There are weird GIFs from music videos playing in the cafeteria. I never got an explanation as to why. Someone thought it might be some weird experiment.
  9. There’s a photo booth that will email your photos to you.
  10. They have amazing chocolate chip cookies in the cafeteria. I swear I ate like 5.
  11. There are no Oompa Loompas.

It makes me wonder what the office in Mountain View is like? I hear there’s a ball pit.