March Madness ends in April

Monday night was a BIG night in the state of North Carolina. UNC’s men’s basketball team won their 6th National Championship in basketball and Coach Roy William’s 3rd. (I’m a fan, if you can’t tell.) The game itself was a crime against basketball, but the right team won.

Anyway! Every March Madness I fill out a bracket and hate how overly complicated it is. To be readable, the bracket has to be pretty large, plus there are the 4 play in games that are just stuck up top, rather than feeding in to the actual bracket, making it a even more complex. This year, I saw a redesign someone had posted on the internet, and thought it was kind of interesting. The circle’s a cool idea, but where are the play in games and if it were empty, it’d be kind of difficult to tell who was playing who. Both designs are below.