Eastern traditions

Decorating eggs Easter is almost a rite of passage in my family. Those that truly have a sense of creativity are honored with the task of decorating 50 plus eggs each year. This year was my year! The moment when I had to prove my creative talent with found materials applied in a traditional manner to the egg before it was put in boiling water filled with red onion skins (for natural coloring).  To prepare, I picked flowers and grass from the yard to apply to the eggs. I used some translucent fabric to fasten the eggs with the grasses and flowers. Finally, I left the covered eggs in the boiling onion skin dye for about ten minutes. Taking the fabric off the eggs once they had been taken out of the dye was no easy task, however most the eggs looked great with the grass and flower patterns in the natural dye. I expected some reward for my efforts, at least in the form of chocolate or candy, but the Easter bunny was slackin’ this year and I got to clean up the onion skin mess.