Chit chattin bout chops

What happens when you spend an entire semester (as a collective studio) thinking, talking, and dreaming about In Vitro Meat (IVM)? Well, a few things happen. For one, you ask a bunch of questions like; What makes meat, you know, meat? and Is In-Vitro Meat made by robots? After you’ve attempted to answer some of those questions, you dive into ideating about the approach to IVM through various design iterations, you do things like putting meat in an IV and trying to see if that form of consumption is a smart approach (you would be surprised). Finally, when you have a million and two point five ideas, you submit all of your material to an international food conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Just when you forget that you’ve submitted anything at all because the days have blurred together and you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, you get a little email that states the following, “we are glad to inform you that at this stage the Scientific Committee HAS ACCEPTED it for the 1st International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing Food, Designing Dialogues exhibition”. A squeal of joy ensues and before you know it you are booking a flight to Portugal without even checking your schedule. All in all, sharing ideas about the possible future of In-Vitro Meat did not just make us a bit uncomfortable, it helped us create a dialogue about future food production!