Last summer at design camp…

The College of Design provides design education for the K-12 community through the Design Lab. This association offers weekend workshops, open studios, summer studios & design camp. WHEW! They are busy!

This summer I had the opportunity to TA for a summer studio and a section of design camp, which was an absolute blast. Rachael Paine (MGD 2018 candidate) taught the summer studio class which focused on typography, package design and virtual reality.

Both experiences were unique in their own way. Summer studios are for students who want to concentrate on one design discipline (such as graphic design, architecture, fiber arts, etc.). Whereas design students get to participate in a different curriculum every day where they explore a new discipline. I assisted Matthew Peterson for a week of design camp this summer where our project focused on storytelling in design.

Overall, both of these experiences were incredible and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with the Design Lab this past summer.

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