Why I’m always running late

So as some of you know I commute to school from the small town of Buies Creek, about an hour away from here. This means I have to buy some form of commuter parking pass for me to park on campus. I made a mistake this summer because I kept forgetting to buy my parking pass for the Coliseum deck, only a short .3 miles away from our building, so of course they sold out! That left me with the Dan Allen parking deck for graduate students that is almost a whole mile away from Brooks and a 15 minute walk. Let me just tell you that Dan Allen Parking deck is super shady, it looks like where you should go if you want to get mugged. Also, I think they forgot while building it that two cars would need room to drive through the parking deck at the same time. So anyway,  I’m stuck with this long walk to and from class in all of nature’s elements. Looking on the bright side at least I’m walking over a mile everyday, which is much needed for graduate level stress/weight gain from C-store food. Moral of the story: GET YOUR PARKING PASS ON TIME!!