cuba is for lovers…of typography

Two weeks after Spring 2017 semester ended I got my butt on a plane to take a much-needed vacation with my husband. Our initial plan was Iceland, but after a series of unfortunately priced airfare, we found ourselves getting off a tiny plane in Havana, Cuba.

Some things we learned:
Our Spanish is terrible
Beer in Cuba is cheaper than water
You aren’t really “off the grid” until you’re “off the grid” in Cuba
Budgeting is key
Cubans are easier to trust than most people I’ve met
Ropa Vieja is all you really need in life

There’s probably a lot more little knowledge nuggets I could add to this list but that’s what Pinterest is for. Regardless, one of the most impressive things about Cuba was THE CULTURE. THE VIBE. THE PRIDE. & THE ART. Cuba was so incredibly rich in culture, and so distinct. It’s a trip that will stay in my mind forever, because it was unlike any place I’ve ever been.

Considering I was fresh off my first year of the MGD program and Denise’s Type IV class, I couldn’t help but see beautiful, ugly, & distinctive type everywhere. Take a look!

I want to go again. Soon. I have so many questions about this country left unanswered. Like; without accessible internet, what are the differences in a designer’s work flow? How do they get their hands on the latest software? If they can’t what are the work arounds? How do socio-political aspects in Cuba affect a designer’s ability to work?