ARTECHOUSE is an art space dedicated to combining art, science and technology to create an immersive and sensory art experience. When I first heard about ARTECHOUSE I was excited about this idea of making it available for the public to experience something new; their idea that an art space is meant for people to touch and feel made me want to experience this for myself.

As you take the stairs to the main exhibition space, Spirit of Autumn, the first thing you see is “Certain art cannot be described, it must be seen and experienced” a perfectly put quote that gives you a glimpse of what’s to come. The exhibition is separated in three, a coloring room where you can color in your own fall leaf, which is then transformed digitally and seen in the main space. The main space has an interactive wall where the leaves rise up from the ground and dances to your moves. The last space has an interactive floor projection that moves with every step you take, the more people that are in the space the more colors you get to see mix together to create interesting colors.