In all fairness

Yesterday happened to be my first visit to the NC State Fair. The struggle to remain civilized amidst food and games was a little too real. There were 2 main agendas for the day; keep the belly happy and win something. After stuffing myself with a hot dog, chili cheese fries and fried Oreos, agenda 1 was definitely a success. We were left with the main mission. All I can say is, we nailed it.We won a big husky, a big bear, a super cute unicorn, an inflatable bat and a punny keychain. We decided to throw maturity out of the window and ensure we made every kid at the fair jealous. I even managed a death glare from a kid. My inflatable bat was taken away from me though since I kept hitting everyone who happened to walk beside me. It was definitely an epic experience, but if I had to change one thing about it, it has to be the map. I really hope they redesign the map for next year.