What Are We Listening To?

  1. Reply All episode #126: Alex Jones Dramageddon

Silly and Terrifying. – Ellis Anderson

2. 99% Invisible

(recommendation from Ellis) – Randa Hadi

3. Here to Make Friends

An in-depth analysis of the Bachelor franchise. I’m sort of embarrassed. – Jessye Holmgren-Sidell

4a. Revision Path

Revision Path is another one I’ve listened to in the past, but not as much currently. I did, however, have a video conference with one of it’s most recent guest, Delanie West. The podcast, hosted by Maurice Cherry, showcases the work and professional journey of some of the best Black graphic designers, web designers, and web developers from all over the world.

4b. Ellis introduced me to Hidden Brain, but I’ve since transitioned to How I Built This, also native to NPR. – Shadrick Addy

5. My Brother, My Brother, and Me

This is a very dumb podcast where three brothers, with no expertise, answer questions posted on Yahoo Answers and also read eBay listings for haunted dolls. I wish that I didn’t find it so funny. – Grace Herndon

6. The No Sleep Podcast and The Moonlit Road and Anything Ghost – Awesome storytelling, voice actors, and creepy paranormal stories

Astonishing Legends – Excellent research and presentation of odd historical occurances

Lead To Win with Micheal Hyatt and Being Boss – Mindset, productivity, and inspiration for entrepreneurs

Flash Forward – Tech and design in the future

Freakonomics Radio and NPR’s Planet Money – Economics talk

Creative Pep Talk – Inspiration and guidance for creative individuals by an illustration professor

Snap Judgement – Stories of Americans, variety of perspetives and cultures

Critical Roll – Dungeons and Dragons played by professional voice actors and storytellers

– Alysa, who does a lot of driving and a lot of podcast listening