Non-Designers Doing Design

One of my fascinations in the realm of design is the interrelationship of one thing with another thing and then another thing. Consider technical communicators; for example, they are experts in writing and information design. They are concerned with how to present a message visually and verbally:

  • Grouping content rhetorically / blocks of text, white space
  • Organizing content visually to show contrast/typography
  • Signaling structural relationships/headers, page numbers


Information design is the art and science of integrating writing and design so that people can use its content in ways that suit their personal goals. By drawing on principles of information design, technical communicators can improve the quality of the content they create.

I love writing, and I love designing – they are both creative fields. The idea of interdisciplinary work between the two trades opens up doors to a new realm of possibilities for writers and designer to learn new skills and how to use new tools.