How can a CUI help people express their vulnerability?

For one of my studies I was exploring the idea of a CUI helping people express their vulnerability to have meaningful conversations and allow people to connect to each other. I designed a tool that would allow you to practice vulnerability so that you could then have a conversation with someone. It allows you to practice on your own time. I listened to a lot of podcasts and readings by Brené Brown and she says “vulnerability is having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome”. I wanted people to feel comfortable using the tool but not connect to the CUI on a deeper level – that would be something they’d experience with humans. As you get deeper into your conversation with a CUI and become more vulnerable the text gets distorted and faded to the point where you can’t see it. Often times when we’re being vulnerable we don’t want to “relive” that moment.  When the human talks the visuals are more organic and when the CUI talks its rigid to differentiate between the two elements. The purpose of the tool is to bridge people to build connections and happiness.