Ways to build trustworthy relationships with your CUI

During my researches for our CUI studies this semester, I decided to work on one of the main reasons why people still avoid adopting AI in their company or in their everyday life, despite the actual benefits it can bring: The trust issue.
People do not trust machines, the reasons vary but many of them are:

  • The actual interests of the company that controls the AI technology
  • What kind of data is being gathered
  • What is being done with this data
  • How is this data being sold to third parties
  • Once you click delete, does the data really go away?
  • Limitations on how to control privacy information
  • Not being able to change key features within the AI or CUI
    The list goes on…

“One study revealed that people who were given the ability to modify an algorithm were more satisfied with the robot’s resulting decisions and said they were more likely to use AI again. (…) 76% of respondents said the potential for biases and lack of transparency were impeding AI adoption in their enterprise.” –
Jeremy Goldman: How to Build Trust With A.I.

There are many paths we can take to make the relationship between humans and AI better, but I decided to focus on empathy and conversational interface with simple language for my CUI. Make it more human and less technical for the common user. Here is my diagram of states (as you can see I went for a cute look to captivate users) and some screenshots of what I worked on.


Diagram of states of a CUI – Michele Pereira de Souza Spring 2019
Being able to visualize what kind of data is being kept by your CUI is a must for users.


Simple visualization helps quick understanding for different kind of users. You can choose to see a more detailed and technical explanation if desired.


Seeing “the face” of the CUI is good to create empathy. Having it as an app in your phone gives you control over when to install or delete it if you’re unhappy. The user takes control over it.