Quarantine day 04. 

I’m feeling down because it feels like we lost our studio.

Today was hard. Moving out of the studio and seeing the space empty made things more real. Things are shifting, changing, and evolving every day — this felt like a huge wrench was thrown in. 

Over the past three years, studio was my second home. It’s a place I cherish but not just as a place with walls, desks, and chairs – it holds so many intimate, special moments. It’s place that gathered everyone to work, critique, be silly and goofy, but most importantly it’s a place that keeps people together. It’s a place that fosters community. You could “sense others” in the space, channeling that same energy of the people in there –it was encouraging and powerful to be immersed in that. 

We’ve spent countless hours in there complaining, laughing, eating, and investing in ourselves and each other. We became each other’s motivators, cheerleaders, and ultimately family. We celebrated each other’s successes and were there to comfort each other when we needed it most. We were there through it all –together because that’s how we work best. 

And I call it place because it’s a space that has meaning that we’ve all attached to it collectively.

Studio has always been a home to me. I always knew it was, but moving out of there today solidified my beliefs and its importance. I’m hoping we can find that same place in the digital space – one that lets you sense, feel, and know that there are people there. Here’s to physical distancing at a (closer digital) distance and figuring this out together. 

I’m sharing some of those moments in studio – feel free to add photos to the gallery ~