Stairs Are Everywhere

I’m doing some walking each day for a few different reasons. One, I enjoyed the routine of walking to studio for class and I’m trying to make up for missing that. Two, I cannot sit in my house all day or I’ll go crazy. Three, I like to see what’s going on outside while I take a break from work.

In an attempt to find purpose in my aimless walking, I’ve starting “collecting” photos of things I find interesting. Today, I present stairs.

Have you thought about how great stairs are? They are very useful and, most likely, taken for granted. (What if we had to walk up all those inclines?!) They are relatively similar but each set has unique qualities. Some are tall, some are short, some are brick, some are stone, some are clean, some are dirty. Every staircase begs for questioning. Who built the stairs? When were they built? Who has walked on them? Who has sat on them? Has anyone tripped on them? What have they been through? How much longer will they be there?