Maps of Solace

Now that everything in my life is confined to the four rooms of my house, I’ve found solace in getting out and exploring neighborhoods around me. I thought it might be fun to start observing with more intention and map these walks. I hope to produce a series of maps and update this post when I can.

Andrà tutto bene
Rainbows across Boylan Heights

What better place to start mapping than Boylan Heights à la Denis Wood (albeit with less controversy)? While walking around the tree-lined streets of this neighborhood by NC State, I noticed some houses had rainbows posted in their windows. This map tracks the current spread of houses with rainbows in Boylan Heights. It wasn’t until I came back home and did some googling that I found this trend started in Europe as a way to spread hope during the COVID crisis. And with it a message from Italy: andrà tutto bene — everything will be alright.