Bike Pumps

Bike Pumps

I’m thinking about bike pumps.

I made the decision to not buy a parking pass on campus. My apartment is about a mile from Brooks Hall and I figured it would be good to walk or bike to school everyday.

On the first day of class I showed up in a sweaty mess. After taking my seat, a classmate (Liz) offered me a napkin (from Chipotle). I promised myself that I wouldn’t let it happen again. On Wednesday, the same thing happened. Only this time, I didn’t actually have class. I walked into a classroom as sweaty as can be. But this time, there was a different class inside. I felt quite embarrassed.

The frustrations continued. My tires had gotten very low on air so I found a map online of NC State bike pumps. The main campus bike pump was so dysfunctional that it actually let all of the air out of my front tire and didn’t put any back in. After walking my bike to the centennial campus bike pump, I found that it was completely water-logged and unusable.

After that I walked my bike to Crank Arm, a bar which claimed to have a bike pump out front. They did. After that I went to Target and bought myself a bike pump for $16.