Executive Function

I’ve been thinking about executive function

And dysfunction.

I’m taking cognitive psych this semester, can you tell?

We recently covered ADHD in relation to executive dysfunction and it made me think about myself and others in the program.

Those with executive dysfunction struggle with working memory, making it difficult to recall “what I’m supposed to be doing right now” and meaning I already forgot I have a planner I can check. Which is actually something I should do right now. See? The distractibility of it all. (I also know I forgot to write anything in said planner.)

Back to the subject at hand, executive dysfunction makes graduate programs a delightful struggle. One of my favorite parts of ADHD is that I’m great at finishing relatively complex tasks quicker than most. Things like math, apparently. One of my not so favorite parts is that I’ve found it doesn’t do the same thing with designing in an aesthetically appealing manner. If anything the design ends up accidentally channeling my chaotic (some would say divergent) thinking structure and looking like alphabet soup to others. Good soup…to me.

There is no purpose. This is more soup.