Coffee or Consistency

I am thinking about coffee.

There are a few different coffee personas: those who take it black and genuinely need the caffeine to do anything, those who don’t really like it unless it is a Dunkin coffee with vanilla syrup, cream, sugar and extra cream, those who get it for the aesthetic, and those who get it for the experience. I am sure there are many other reasons why people get coffee, those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

For me, coffee happened it steps:

  1. Hated coffee
  2. Went to college and wished I liked coffee because I thought it was “cool”
  3. Started drinking Dunkin sugar filled coffee
  4. Got sick of it
  5. Graduated to Starbucks and got their iced vanilla coffee
  6. Got addicted to getting Starbucks
  7. Enjoy coffee but not as much, kind of over the “coolness” of it
  8. Started going and getting coffee just for the drive


Let’s focus on #8: “getting coffee just for the drive”

Moving to Raleigh on my own not knowing anyone or knowing where anything is was scary. I didn’t know where to get the best cheap Mexican food, the best take out hibachi, the best hole in the wall pizza place, the best local coffee shop. But Starbucks is a chain, they are consistent. I knew I could count on them for the same cup of coffee I got in college and at home. I will admit I go there a lot, probably more than my wallet wants me too, but it is comforting. I know how to get to the nearest Starbucks without a GPS. I know exactly what to order. I know how to get home. Going to get coffee is now about the drive. Something familiar within the unfamiliar. Something I can count on to be there and a reason to get out of the apartment.

Those 5 minutes it takes to get there and the 5 minutes it takes to get back make me feel like I belong here. Like I know exactly what I am doing even when after those 10 minutes, I will go back to having no idea what I am doing.