I’m thinking about missed connections.

In projects, in people, and in myself.

How can we take missed opportunities and turn them into something new? I’ll figure it out over summer.

In reflection over a semester it’s hard not to think of what I missed along the way, or “I should’ve done that instead.” Typically I try not to. Very simply. I’ve found it unproductive to emote over what has passed. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t warrant a careful analysis, or even cathartic feelings.

I do think, in hindsight, that what I’ve gained and time I’ve lost balance out my internal scales. Resources and knowledge, and AI, and how to put a framework together, and what even is a framework?

I think the time lost can be explained by a framework I’ve done. I admit, it’s large but I believe I’ve plugged all the holes in the problem.

My personal executive dysfunction is a deficit that I’m likely psychologically compensating for maladaptively. Weird to think that not overthinking lead me to miss such a critical introspection.