Onto the Next Challenge

I am thinking about this semester…and stressing about next. I think this past studio project with LAS has been one the hardest projects/semesters of my entire academic life! Not only juggling this project but battling multiple weeks long sinus infection and a broken laptop the last 2 weeks of the project, it was a long semester. But I came out of it with an amazing, thorough project that I am extremely proud of. It was exciting to go from start to finish with a project and actually connect and work with the user we were designing for. There was also a lot to learn about AI! I never understood it or really knew much at all, but after this semester and this project I have a much better understanding of its uses and limitations which is a very powerful tool to have in mind for future work!

However, after one beast comes the next -> thesis! I definitely think a subject matter I am interested in has emerged from my classes this semester (much work still needed) that I am ready to explore for thesis. But for now, I plan on enjoying some much needed sleep!