Did you know that I know that you know I know?

Recently we had an mini-assignment, a thing if you will, that resulted in cliché ideas across the board. We were trying to introduce a bizarre concept by integrating arbitrary topics. The next step was to acknowledge why our work became clichés and then create a new thing that pushes people from knowing facts about a thing to accepting the idea of the thing.

So I did some research and over thinking about clichés and how we accept ideas because that is what I do best, I over think things.

Now I am having trouble seeing what would not be a cliché for this next development in the assignment because most if not all of our ideas come from what has already been done. By definition a cliché is something unoriginal and overused, but wouldn’t any idea we come up with be unoriginal?

I was studying how America has accepted ideas in food, dance, music, economics etc. from other cultures in the world, and in most cases the new thing is blended in with what is already done in America. But by making the thing familiar, would that not be a cliché?

I do not know what to do, but I do know what interests me the most about this part of the project. Beliefs fascinate me, and by someone accepting an idea, part of that person is believing the idea to be true regardless of action in support of it. Sometimes even action in support of an idea does not result in accepting an idea, it is just going through the motions to get to some other result whether it is social judgment, parental approval, community service… So this makes me wonder how we accept ideas. We each accept ideas in different ways unique to us as individuals.

So how would someone accept an idea? “Seeing is believing”… would we have to see someone’s satisfaction from the thing to accept it as an idea? Even if it is satisfaction of just one person? Seeing someone happy with a product, increases the perception of it being a good product. This makes me think that if I can make just one person happy, I could push people from knowing facts to accepting ideas.