Hidden In View

Over the course of the winter break, I took on several endeavors, most unplanned, but each served a greater purpose and further fueled my interest and pursuit as a “Designer, Thinker, and Innovator.”

During the break, I haphazardly came across a student design conference on Linkedin, and decided to conjure up a proposal despite having only a few days to prepare and submit the application. The limited time proved to be of disadvantage to my submission. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the nine chosen participants, out of the hundred plus international applicants that submit a proposal to the IxDA Student Design Challenge each year. However, I saw the process as a learning experience.

Researching information on the conference and curating my personal projects for the proposal, reveled an hidden interest of mine: Interaction Design. I thus, made it my goal then, as it is now, to learn more about this intriguing field of study. An interest and pursuit I’ve come to acknowledged as “Hidden In View.” Simply put, Interaction Design or IxD, is “the design of interaction between a user and a product.”

Our current graduate studio course on computation and conversational user interface, seems to be closely related to Interaction Design; yet, one might categorized the latter as more of an experience than an interaction. While they can exist independently of each other, I believe there is a blurred line between the two. I look forward to furthering my studies and expanding my knowledge of both Interaction and Experience Design as the semester rolls on.

Here’s my submission to the 2018 Student Design Challenge. This year’s focus was Quality Education.